Thursday, 26 June 2014

Farm Mechanisation Guidelines 2014-15

All Agril.Officers/ADAs requested to download guidelines on Farm Mechanisation scheme 2014-15 and implement the scheme successfully.


SMAM(Sub-Mission on Agriculture Mechanisation)Guidelines  


Monday, 21 April 2014

Wrong Accounts of Drought Kharif 2011(Freez) & Drought Kharif 2012-II Phase

All Agril.Officers requested to download Drought Kharif 2011 , Drought Kharif 2012- APGVB & AXIS Bank Wrong accounts and to re-submit by 28th May 2014 duly rectifiying wrong accounts with attestation of AO/ADA/Tahsildar

Download - Drought Kharif 2011-Freez APGVB Wrong accounts   (updated 21-4-2014)
Download - Drought Kharif 2011- Axis Bank Returns(updated 20-5-2014)
above downloads comprises of ALL MANDALS

Download - Drought Kharif 2012 - II Phase APGVB Returns (updated 21-4-2014)
Download - Drought Kharif 2012 - II Phase - AXIS Bank Returns(up dated 20-5-2014)
(Above downloads comprises mandals Nampally,Gurrampode, Mungode, Chandampet, Marriguda,Chintapally,Yadagirigutta,Deverkonda & Peddavoora only)

Nilam III Phase(Valigonda&Pochampally only) -APGVB Wrong accounts.
Download - Nilam-3 Phase returns (updated 21-4-2014)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Farm Mechanisation scheme 2013-14 Guidelines, Dealers List, Prices , subsidy pattern

All the Agril.Officers/ADAs requested to download instructions of Farm Mechanisation NSP,RKVY,NFSM during the year 2013-14 from time to time as follows:

Download  ( Guidelines 2013-14 ) 
Download  ( I & II Dealers List, Prices, subsidy pattern ) 
Download  ( III - Dealers List, Prices, subsidy pattern - up dated on 18-10-2013 ) 
Download (4th to 7th List up dated 18-12-2013)
Download - 8th Price List (up dated 20-1-2014)

Monthly Report Proforma - Download (updated on 6-11-2013)

Download Instructions on RKVY 2013-14 implementation (up dated on 19-12-2013)
Download - Proforma on Succes stories on Farm Mechanisation (updtd.6-1-14)
Download- Proforma for submitting UCs under FM-NSP 13-14 (18-1-14)

Download - Instructions on NSP,RKVY (Up dated on 1-3-14) 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Affidavit proforma for Custom Hiring Centres

ADAs requested to download proforma of Affidavit to be taken on Rs.100/- bond paper from the Custom Hiring Centre Group Members and send original bond to JDAs office. The suppliers may be instructed not to delivery any machinery unless Affidavit produced by the Group Members.